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Children enrolled in our program playing a STEM game.

The Gloria Gates Memorial Foundation was established in 1999 and has 

impacted the lives of nearly 800 children since that time. Records show that 

students enrolled in the Foundation have improved school attendance and performance. The children are encouraged to do their best in school so that they will become responsible adults capable of supporting themselves and

their families...

Children enrolled in our program holding a baby chick.

The Gloria Gates Memorial Foundation was founded in 1999 by Dr. Zane Gates. Zane grew up in Evergreen Manors, a low income housing development. As a young child, he did well in school and was guided by his mother and was mentored by a volunteer from the Big Brothers program and by family friends. The good influences in his life allowed him to beat the odds and eventually attend college. While some of Zane’s childhood playmates dropped out of school, Zane succeeded with his education and became first a pharmacist, then a medical doctor and author.


Your support is important to the work of the Gloria Gates Memorial Foundation. With your help, we can help children break out of the cycle of poverty, drug abuse, or crime. We can prepare them for a successful and happy future.

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Executive Director: Toni Bilik

Gloria Gates Memorial Foundation

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