After School Program Locations

Evergreen Manors


Operating out of a custom classroom building within Evergreen Manors, this site is our oldest and founding site. A high energy location filled with some of the most memorable children you could ever have the pleasure of meeting, the children of Evergreen Manors love the chance to play sports and get outside. 

Site Director: Alicia Madden 

Assistant Site Director: Charleen Beichler 

Prevention Support Staff: Jim Kennedy

Fairview Hills


Located in the community center of at the heart of Fairview Hills, the close-knit children of this site enjoy art and building projects, as well as taking advantage of the community’s large outdoor play areas on sunny days. 

Site Director: Becca Brown 

Assistant Site Director: Sydney Koehle 

Prevention Support Staff: Issac Brown

Logan Hills


Our newest site, the GGMF program at Logan Hills operates out of the development's community room. The children of Logan Hills are rarely seen not smiling and can be counted on to excitedly tackle any activity they do with effort and enthusiasm.  

Site Director: Melanie Rinker  

Assistant Site Director: Emily Gottshall

Prevention Support Staff: Yoseph Widirahmaya